Church Notices

Beaulieu Flower Festival; a blooming success!

The Beaulieu Abbey Church Flower Festival was successfully held in the Abbey Church on September 15, 16 and 17.  Despite the sceptics who said that the date was too late in the year, and the festival would be dull and uninteresting, quite the opposite was the case!  Visitors were astounded by the number of organisations attached to Beaulieu that contributed Flower Arrangements; there must have been at least twenty contributing organisations or clubs, with Beaulieu in their title.  A vibrant district indeed!  The arrangers took words and phrase from F.S. Pierpoint's hymn "For the Beauty of the Earth". and made creations to echo those ideas.  We have loaded a set of photographs for your interest, including scenes of the preparation of the arrangements, the drinks party to celebrate the opening of the Festival, volunteers hard at work in the kitchen preparing cream teas and other delights, and a sample of the arrangements themselves.  To see these pictures,  click here.