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The parishes of Beaulieu, Exbury and East Boldre in the New Forest lie between the outskirts of Lymington and the communities along Southampton Water, bordering the north shore of the Solent on both sides of the Beaulieu River. This is a beautiful and peaceful part of Hampshire full of bees and butterflies, ponies and partridges. Here one can surely see the works of God.

There are three churches and a private chapel within the Church of England Benefice, a Baptist Chapel at East Boldre, a primary school at Beaulieu to serve the area, several halls and community centres, sporting clubs, two museums, an arboretum, several shops, three hotels, various farms and rural businesses, river traffic, a nature reserve, ancient monuments, yachting, bird sanctuary, wildfowling, managed forest, heathland, two garden centres, bicycles for hire, two farm shops, two medieval barns, two garages, five pubs, a lively resident community and plenty of tourists.

Reverend John C. White, known as Father John  The Rectory, Palace Lane  Beaulieu SO42 7YG  tel: 01590 612183

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From the Rectory Study

Fr John writes

Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.’ For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.

Jesus' advice to his circle of companions may seem to contradict much Biblical teaching where idleness is considered sinful, and work is exemplified as good practice. The need for refreshment, reflection, recreation, is as great as ever. As the summer holidays approach we hope that there will be opportunities for a change to our normal daily routine; perhaps a different pace of life, even if we are staying at home. The principle of Sabbath in the Creation story [Genesis 2.1-2] sets expectations for the pattern of life; and then the succession of Jewish holidays - red letter days in Old Testament times - is specifically outlined in Leviticus 23. How we choose to spend our times of recreation is down to personal choice and preference. Jesus merely sought a few hours of rest and solitude for his disciples, but for others much longer periods are a must. Importantly, 're-creation' is only effective if the end result enables us to be refreshed, renewed, and ready to face new challenges and goals. Restoration, through a short change of scene, a period of alternative physical or mental activity, or a much longer period overseas, is essential to refresh our jaded minds and bodies.

As an encouragement to use our holidays for refreshment and a change of scene, so-called “Bucket Lists” are very fashionable now: “101 Things to do before you go abroad”. Interestingly our benefice features in such a list! Similarly, The National Trust's Bucket List, “50 Things to do before you're 11¾”, launched in 2013, is a response to our technological age, and encourages young people back to simple, outdoor activities, and adventures. The challenge to climb a tree, build a raft, or make a mud pie, simply to have fun, is clearly beneficial for children, but perhaps adults also need new activities to encourage their refreshment…

Re-creation should not only involve the physical and mental. From time to time we need to search for spiritual renewal, perhaps drawing up our own “Bucket List” for our Christian journey. And what better time to start than this holiday season!? Why not consider, for example,

*          must-read spiritual books                                               

*          discovering a new place of pilgrimage,

*          making space for silence and stillness in our lives

*          accepting new opportunities for prayer and worship, maybe attending a        weekday service or study group

*          visit a new place of worship whilst on holiday          

*          a personal collection of prayers

*          employing time and talents in God's service in a new way

The Christian life is more of a marathon than a sprint; endurance needs to be complemented by rest and recreation. A balance is vital; we need to seek opportunities for all three components – physical, mental and spiritual.

This year is the 160th anniversary of the Mission to Seafarers. Sunday 10 July is designated Sea Sunday. There will be a special service at Buckler’s Hard at 6.30 pm. Our guest speaker will be John Attenborough, port chaplain for the Missions to Seafarers in Southampton. Do join us on the banks of the Beaulieu River, at the historic maritime site of Buckler’s Hard.

In the chancel of the Abbey Church, there is a memorial tablet to William Tyrrell, who was Chaplain and Vicar of Beaulieu, 1839-1847. He became the 1st Bishop of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Our association with that diocese is special, and over the years we have maintained the links. The present Dean of the  Cathedral, Fr. Stephen Williams, together with cathedral choristers and friends, will be visiting Beaulieu on Friday 22 July. There will give be a Recital at 12.00 noon to which all are welcome.

With the love and prayers of your parish priest.

Church Notices

  • Sea Sunday

    Open air service at Buckler’s Hard by the water’s edge on Sunday 10th July at 6.30pm.  Guest preacher is John Attenborough, Chaplain Port of Southampton. Read More
  • Sing Joyfully

    SING JOYFULLY -  Derby Cathedral Choir   On May 1st at the Abbey Church there was a 45- minute recital including music by Byrd, Bruckner Read More
  • In Need of Repair

    Exbury’s Parish Church St Katharine’s, like many other churches across this land, is in need of repair. Read More
  • The Splintered Messiah

    I don’t want a splintered Messiah in a sweat-stained, greasy grey robe I want a new one I couldn’t take this one to parties people Read More
  • Not an April Fool

    After many years of meeting on Saturday mornings, the choir will change  their choir practice time to Friday evenings after Easter 2016. Read More
  • Save the Date

    SAVE THE DATE  SAVE THE DATE   EU REFERENDUM QUESTION TIME At Beaulieu Abbey Church Friday 3rd June at 7pm. Sir Anthony Evans PC.QC.RD. presiding. Read More
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